For Students

The Case Resource Center 

Available for all students, the CASE Resource Center has study supplements, sample examinations, and materials on study skills, learning theories, and learning styles. Located in the library lobby in Room 313A, the resource room is a great group study area and is the meeting area for CASE mentor appointments.


First Year Students 

The Academic Success Program participates in the Introduction to Law Week by providing an overview of strategies for success in law school. Continuing through the first year, the Program presents interactive workshops covering key topics necessary for success in law school.


 Upper Level Students 

The Academic Success Program maintains a TWEN page with a bank of practice exam questions, CASE Skills Workshops PowerPoints, and other useful information. CASE, the peer-to-peer branch of the Program, allows students to meet with their upper-division classmates to get extra help. The CASE office and resource room gives students access to a lending library with material on substantive legal topics, study aids, and legal writing.


 Graduating Students/Bar Exam

The Academic Success Program provides a series of pre-bar exam lectures to assist in preparing to take the bar, as well as opportunities for thoughtful feedback and individualized assistance in bar preparation.


Free Bar Examination Workshops

This Spring, Boyd School of Law will be providing a series of Bar Examination Workshops free of charge for all graduating students and alumni.  These sessions, some of which will be taught by BAR/BRI and some of which the Academic Success Program will teach, are part of an integrated program to best prepare you for the bar exam. Students agree!

 I really could not have passed without [the program]. The bar exam was such a psychological test for me and [the program] really helped boost my confidence.

Your class was great and I know I wouldn't have been prepared without it.

I managed to pass the bar exam! I wanted to thank you for all of your help in the spring bar class and in your individual sessions. There is no doubt I really benefited greatly from [the program].

I want to thank you very much for your wonderful tutelage and encouragement for this past bar exam. [The program] had a great deal to do with me passing the bar.

Thank you so much for all of your help and support. Your classes were a key part of my preparation.

Early bar preparation increases your chances of passing the bar. Students who attended Early Bar Prep Workshops and met with the Academic Success Program passed at 77% higher than students who did not attend. Whether you are planning to take the Nevada Bar or another state’s bar, please consider taking advantage of the Bar Workshops being offered.

Further information will be forthcoming.


Individualized Tutoring 

Throughout Spring semester and Summer, the Academic Success Program will provide individualized and small group tutoring for the bar exam.  Attendance at the Bar Workshops is a mandatory prerequisite to individualized tutoring.  If you are interested in individualized tutoring with the Academic Success Program, please contact Kelly Boan at 702-895-0490 or via email at to schedule an appointment with Professor Jennifer Carr.