Student Life

Throughout the Boyd School of Law’s history, its students have welcomed the opportunity to build a special sort of community, one which values cooperation, civility, mutual respect, and diversity, and in which all members seek to maximize the potential of themselves and one another.  The BSL student body comprises individuals of wide-ranging interests, backgrounds, and life experiences.  Working collaboratively, these individuals define and vitalize the student organizations and activities of the law school, as well as the traditions and culture surrounding them. For a current listing of BSL student organizations and officers, click here.

In cooperation with the Associate Dean's office, students have the opportunity to develop any number of other organizations and activities that have relevance to the law school and enrich the experience of students.

Carlos Morales"At the William S. Boyd School of Law, every student's opinion is welcome. The SBA Board of Governors works hard to reach all students so that no voice goes unheard. In turn, this fosters a community unlike any I have ever experienced. At Boyd, we work hard and we work together -- for ourselves, for each other and for the community at large. My choice to only apply to one law school was easy and I am proud to be a Boyd student."

Carlos Morales, SBA President 2013-14