Guidelines and Resources

UNLV Editorial Style Guide
As a general rule, follow the Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual (AP Stylebook). To view the UNLV style guide go to Below are some examples:

Exceptions to AP Style Punctuation
Use a comma before the word "and" in a series.
Example: Please bring your paper, pen, and notebook.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Lowercase the word university when making informal reference to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

The university has a 329-acre campus.

When using the university name as a stand-alone title or when referring to the university in a tabular list or address, omit the as it is not part of the institution's formal name.

UNLV as a shorter form, on second reference is acceptable. Do not use periods or spaces between the letters.

Guidelines for Posting Announcements at the Boyd School of Law

  1. Post in classrooms on the right hand side of the whiteboards.
  2. Post on bulletin boards in the locker room and the student lounge.
  3. Post in restrooms.
  4. Post in e-mails or submit a request to the Communications Office to post on the law school website.
  5. Post on the “What’s Happening” sign boards located in the lobbies of the first and second floors of the Boyd School of Law main building.
  6. Remove announcements when the event is over.

    Please Do Not
  1. Tape announcements to walls.
  2. Tape announcements to wood benches and wood doors.
  3. Tape announcements to entry way doors.

Mailing Lists

Listservs (Most Frequently Used)

Boyd School of Law
These listservs will only accept a message posted from a registered account. For more information about subscribing to these listservs, click here or contact the IT Help Desk at 895-5298.

Note: If you are sending an announcement intended for faculty, staff and students, send ONE e-mail to Sending one e-mail to the info listserv will prevent recipients from getting multiple e-mails.